[SET] COMMONLABS Ultimate Vitamin Skincare Pack

[SET] COMMONLABS Ultimate Vitamin Skincare Pack

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When you want to keep it simple, our ultimate Vitamin skincare set gives your skin everything it needs in 5 essential steps.

From beginning to finish, we've got you covered.

With our highly concentrated Dual Vita Anti-Oxidant Ampoule, if you want to get serious with Vitamin Skincare, the Ultimate Vitamin Skincare Pack is for you!

Daily Routine:

Step 1: Dual Vita Purifying Cleanser
Step 2: Triple Vita Balancing Toner
- Our Top Selling Product. PHA, Vitamin B,C, and E, Propolis, and Septuple-layer Hyaluronic Acid included to maintain healthy & vital skin
Step 3: Dual Vita Anti-Oxidant Ampoule
- Make sure to patch test! Since it is highly concentrated, a patch test is highly recommended. Active skincare ingredients should always be patch tested to see if it works well with your skin.
Step 4: Triple Vita Hydrating Facial Cream
- Full of Manuka Honey, great for hydrating dry and dull skin.
Step 5: Triple Vita Balancing Mask (Twice a week)
- Our special waffle patterned sheet mask is purposefully done to hold more essence in the sheet mask!

COMMONLABS Ultimate Vitamin Skincare Pack comes with:

Dual Vita Purifying Cleanser x1
Triple Vita Balancing Toner x1
Dual Vita Anti-Oxidant Ampoule (10ml*2ea) x1
Triple Vita Hydrating Facial Cream x1
Triple Vita Balancing Mask (10EA) x1

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Key Ingredient #Vitamin

COMMONLABS took notice of the effects of vitamin which protects the skin from irritating, harmful elements and boosts skin health.

COMMONLABS vitamin line consists of products with that enable multi-angular skincare based on skin concerns as various vitamins have intrinsic properties and effects on the skin.

#Vitamin Product Line

"Sensible Everyday Vitamin Skin core Training“

Experience the multi-angular COMMONLABS’ vitamin line.