[SET] COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming AC SOS Pack

[SET] COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming AC SOS Pack

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Whether it is a simple pimple that surprised you or acne skin that is giving you a hard time, COMMONLABS has you covered.

Miracle Skin Calming 4-Step:

1. Vitamin E Calming Ampoule
- Skin disinfecting Teatree leaf extract of 72%
- Patented ingredient functioning for acne care Gesolza™

2. Vitamin E Calming Light Cream
- Teatree leaf extract of 77% has a sterilizing effect 20 times stronger than alcohol & helps sebum control
- Vitamin E helps calm and protect the skin from external irritations

3. Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot Cream
- One of our Best Selling Product!
- Guaranteed Acne Care results in days
- Micro needles help effective penetration of acne care ingredients. Contains Teatree lead extract of 54% and Vitamin E.

4. Ggultamin E Real Ampoule Masks (5 Masks inside!)
- E Calming Sheet Mask is soaked in ampoule which contains Centella Asiatica extract and tea tree extract to care for sensitive skin. The highly adhesive and transparent nude cell sheet is derived from Eucalyptus which helps absorb the calming jelly essence more effectively. Also containing a Mild Peeling Pad for exfoliation.

When using all products in the pack together, use the Ggultamin E Real Ampoule PEELING PAD FIRST!

COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming AC Pack comes with:
Vitamin E Micro Needle Spot Cream x1
Vitamin E Calming Ampoule x1
Vitamin E Calming Light Cream x1
Ggultamin E Real Ampoule Mask_5EA x1

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Key Ingredient #Vitamin

COMMONLABS took notice of the effects of vitamin which protects the skin from irritating, harmful elements and boosts skin health.

COMMONLABS vitamin line consists of products with that enable multi-angular skincare based on skin concerns as various vitamins have intrinsic properties and effects on the skin.

#Vitamin Product Line

"Sensible Everyday Vitamin Skin core Training“

Experience the multi-angular COMMONLABS’ vitamin line.